This is what our patients are saying about us

Dr. Mulcahey is one of the nicest, friendliest,
patient, and most intelligent doctors I've ever known. I've struggled with lifelong migraines and by correcting my atlas with the Blair Technique she has drastically improved my quality of life. I no longer have daily headaches, and that is something no other doctor/neurologist/other specialist could do for the past 15+ years. I'm forever grateful and would highly recommend Dr. Mulcahey as a chiropractor.

If you're wary of chiropractors, I was too.
Especially, after others couldn't help me. But
you should give Dr. Mulcahey a try. She and her staff are so fun and friendly, that I look
forward to my appointments. It's hard to
imagine a better chiropractic experience.

Matt -- Current patient

After two years of pain, consulting with several other doctors about treatment plans and three epidurals later, I decided to call Dr. Mulcahey. I went in for my consultation which was beyond thorough. It was clear that Dr. Mulcahey was going to be treating all of me and not just forcing a standard protocol or “one size fits all” series of adjustments. I have been suffering for over 17 years from pain underneath my hip bone that no one else seemed to understand. I walked out of the office pain free in my hip and my knee pain was significantly reduced. Dr. Mulcahey continues to work on the issues I have from spinal stenosis and a disc injury. After almost three weeks of treatment, I feel much less pain...it feels like I am starting to get my life back after two years of being held hostage by pain and my physical limitations. It is without hesitation that I recommend Dr. Sue Mulcahey!

Mea -- Current patient

I began chiropractic treatment 64 years ago, when I was 18, for severe migraine. The treatment I received was palliative and did not address the cause. After more than 70 years of suffering, I finally walked into Dr. Mulcahey's office in extreme pain, and walked out pain free. She was able to diagnose the problem immediately and I've not had a migraine in five years. Dr. Sue is my guardian angel. God Bless her!

Bobbie -- Current patient