Strong Posture

  • Do you have neck and shoulder pain when you have been working at a computer for too long?
  • Have you ever caught your reflection in a mirror and seen someone who looked much older?
  • Do you still want to be active into your 50’s? 60’s? How about into your 80’s?
  • Do you live in fear of “moving wrong” and suffering an episode of low back pain? Have you ever felt that you “just can’t straighten up”?
  • Have you been frustrated playing sports when your body doesn’t perform like it used to?
  • Are you concerned about your posture? How about your children’s posture?
  • If you are in pain, this is the way to help prevent future pain.

Our anti-aging strategy of just ten minutes a day can help you keep your body active and pain-free. You’ll be improving your balance, alignment, and movement as you get stronger every day. Here’s how it works: You will meet with Dr. Mulcahey one-on-one just once a week to go over exercises that you will do at home for about ten minutes a day. As you begin to master each skill, you will progress to more advanced skills – and you’ll get stronger and better as you go. If any exercise is too hard to do, we can make it easier…. or if it’s too easy, we’ll make it more challenging. Your session is designed specifically for you and your own particular skill level to develop core strengthening, which is the beginning of improving all of the other aspects of posture. This program will last about seven to ten weeks, and is helpful for any age group: Teenagers that slump in their chairs, office workers sitting at a computer throughout the day, athletes who want to improve their game, and baby boomers who want to stay active and strong as they age. In other words, daily posture exercises will help you move and age well regardless of your fitness level.

If you are elderly or if you have parents that are, this is the type of training that will also help this population get stronger, and improve their chances of not falling. Once an older person falls, the odds of them falling again is now six times higher! By learning how to balance and develop a stronger core, patients help themselves become stronger and age better!

Give Dr. Mulcahey a call at 785-832-9355 if you have any questions.

We want you to Live Life Well
and Be Strong!

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